Top 9 Benefits of Taking Collagen

When it comes to supporting your health, the better you understand what your body needs in terms of vitamins and minerals, the easier it is to take care of it.

Many people have recently begun to notice the many benefits of taking collagen, and the impact it can have on their health. We recommend people take collagen supplements because of its incredible ability to boost people’s quality of life.

Those who are not familiar with this powerful protein, however, often want to know what precisely collagen is and what benefits they can expect when they take it regularly. If you want to know more about collagen and how it can help your health, read on.

Let’s explore what makes this protein so powerful and some benefits you can experience when you begin to take it regularly as a supplement.

What exactly is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found throughout the body that helps to support a number of different body systems. This complex protein contains 19 different amino acids throughout its series of complex chains. 

Two of the most prevalent amino acids found in collagen are glycine and proline. Both of these are very important for your overall health, but they are not found in large amounts in animal meats. This means that many people do not get enough of them.

You can find collagen in your muscles and bones, but also in your hair, your skin, your blood vessels, and even your digestive system. The incredible prevalence of collagen means that it can have a big impact on your overall health. 

Unfortunately, collagen naturally begins to decrease as people grow older, and this process can be accelerated by various lifestyle factors. This includes eating too much sugar, getting much sun exposure, and smoking.

Fortunately, there are ways to support your body’s collagen production and absorption. One way of doing this are supplements, widely available in health stores. 

But there is another way!

Our  Clean Living Company Keto Collagen Powder is made of 100% organic grass fed, readily bioavailable collagen. That means that it can be easily absorbed and can have dramatic impacts on your health and quality of life. Here is what you should know about 9 incredible benefits you can get from taking collagen:

What are the benefits of taking collagen?

Benefit 1. Make your skin healthier.

Collagen is found throughout your skin. It is that substance that makes skin elastic and smooth in younger people. Then, when you age and begin to produce less collagen, your skin begins to lose its elasticity and look more wrinkled. 

Collagen supplements can, therefore, help to reverse this process. People who take regular supplements find that the extra collagen helps their skin to retain more elasticity as they age. This can reduce the appearance of aging. It does more than just reduce wrinkles. 

With extra collagen, the skin also does a better job of maintaining its hydration. 

This helps to reduce skin dryness that many people experience, helping their skin appear healthy and vibrant. The collagen also strengthens the skin, boosting its overall appearance.

Benefit 2. Keeping your bones strong

Your bones can have a tremendous impact on your quality of life. People whose bones begin to grow weak find themselves facing a number of different diseases and disorders, including osteoporosis. 

It can also make it harder for people to maintain good posture and it can result in bones that become more fragile and easier to break. Taking our Clean Living Company Keto Collagen Powder or other collagen supplements can keep your bones strong. The benefit of our organic powder is how easily it gets absorbed into your system,

This will improve your overall health and help you continue to enjoy the activities that make you happy.


Benefit 3. Help the cartilage found throughout your joints

As you get older, the amount of collagen in your joints naturally begins to decrease. The collagen, however, helps to keep your joints operating correctly and without inflammation and pain. 

As the amount of collagen begins to decrease, you may begin to experience more joint pain and inflammation as well as various disorders in the joints, such as osteoarthritis. 

Some people experiencing this joint discomfort can begin to have pain while going about various regular tasks, such as running or even just walking. 

Adding collagen powder to your regular diet, however, will make it easier to replenish these proteins. This, in turn, will help to reduce joint pain and make it easier to go about your daily life.

Benefit 4. Support your muscles

Your muscles also contain a significant amount of collagen, with estimates ranging between 1 and 10 percent of your muscles consisting of this protein. 

When you begin to experience a decrease in the amount of collagen in your body, this can, therefore, contribute to the breakdown of your muscles and the muscle loss that many people experience as they age. Taking collagen can help support your muscles. It will help to reduce your muscle loss and help your body feel stronger and more capable. 

It will help you enjoy your regular activities longer.


Benefit 5. Keep your heart healthy

Keep in mind that in addition to all the other areas of the body where you can find collagen, it also plays an important role in arteries and blood vessels. Losing collagen can also contribute to these vital parts of the body beginning to lose strength and degrade.

Collagen supplements can, therefore, support your arteries and blood vessels, and thus your overall heart. It improves the ability of the heart to work effectively and safely. A healthier heart can thus make it easier for your body to have good circulation and receive the oxygen it needs to thrive.

Benefit 6. Support your digestive system

Millions of people today face a number of different digestive problems and health struggles that can be traced back to gastrointestinal inflammation and a leaky gut. People who have experienced diseases and disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and a leaky gut want to find ways to support their digestive system. 

Collagen can be an important part of that process. Collagen can help to heal the damage that can be found in your cell walls, which in turn helps the digestive system work better. 

It will help to minimize inflammation that contributes to the discomfort and symptoms of these various disorders. 

Even those without these disorders will find that regularly taking collagen can help them improve their digestion.The collagen helps to absorb water, which encourages waste to keep moving healthily through the digestive tract.

Benefit 7. Help your nails, hair, and teeth look their best

Collagen is also found in large quantities in your hair, nails, and teeth. 

When your collagen production begins to decrease, these parts of your body may also show some signs of wear and tear. For example, you may start to see your nails start to peel or crack and your hair may lose some of its natural shine.

Fortunately, these problems will largely correct themselves when you start taking collagen. The ability of the supplement to replace some of the naturally decreasing collagen helps to reverse some of these effects, leading to healthy looking hair, nails, and teeth.

Benefit 8. Sleep better at night

Insomnia and poor quality sleep impacts so many of us, and collagen can actually help with this common problem. One of the important amino acids in collagen, glycine, has been linked to improved sleep for people in studies. 

Taking collagen regularly, therefore, can help supply this critical amino acid and help people fall asleep better and have better night sleeps.

Benefit 9. Give your liver a hand

Your liver works hard every day. It is responsible for filtering out a number of toxins that we come into contact with throughout our daily lives. It helps us rid our bodies of alcohol, excess sugar, and even nicotine. 

The liver plays a vital role in our body’s filtration system, getting the toxins that will damage our health out so that we can remain healthier. Since the liver works so hard and comes into contact with so many toxins, however, it is also important to take care of the liver. 

Collagen contains glycine, an important amino acid that helps reduce liver damage. Regular collagen supplements, therefore, can help keep the liver healthy. The benefits of collagen are too many to count. 

Scientists continue to study the power of this protein and the impact it has on our bodies. Given the number of benefits that have already been identified, however, we know that it can have a dramatic impact on our overall health. 

If you want to improve your diet and health, consider what collagen can do for you and choose our organic Clean Living Company Keto Collagen Powder.

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