Collagen and Bone Broth: Holding the Key to Your Youth

For generations, women have looked for solutions that would help them reverse the impact of aging. They watch their skin become progressively more wrinkled and sagging, and they found themselves missing their former youthful appearances. 

From the moment that those first fine lines appear, women begin looking for a solution to help them disappear. Over the years, people have tried a number of different potential answers to this problem, looking for a cream or tonic that would help them look more like their youthful selves. 

Fortunately, research has begun to let us in on some mysteries that might actually help us better understand what happens to our skin during this aging process, and more importantly, what we can do to stop it in its tracks and even help restore some of the youthful appearance of our skin.

Researchers now have a better idea about the proteins and components involved in healthy skin and how they can be supported. Here is what every woman who wants to restore their skin should know.

Why does skin start to wrinkle and sag as we age?

As people get older their body naturally starts producing less collagen. This results in less elasticity for the skin, and therefore people start to see evidence of sagging skin and wrinkles. 

After the age of 20, the body produces about one percent less collagen with each passing year, which means that by the time a person reaches their mid-30s and into their 40s, they can start to see real visible signs of aging.

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As the skin contains less collagen, you will start to notice some changes. It will start to become thinner and less hydrated in addition to the appearance of wrinkles. 

As the body begins to diminish the amount of collagen it produces, you will not only see changes in the skin, but also in the hair and nails. Thinning hair and nails that become increasingly fragile can also accompany the increasing number of wrinkles.

You will also find that regular exposure to the sun will accelerate this process, resulting in more signs of aging earlier in life than those who regularly protect their skin when they go outside. Poor diets and habits, such as smoking, can also make people appear to age faster than others. Fortunately, the opposite can also be true. 

Those who regularly consume certain mineral-rich foods, such as bone broth, can give their bodies the ingredients it needs to make more collagen and improve the health of the body.

What are collagen and bone broth?

Collagen is a protein that is found throughout the body. It is the most common protein found throughout your organ systems. You will find it in your skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints, and even in your digestive system. 

The incredible prevalence of this protein is why it is so important for your overall health. Some use supplements of collagen to help their health in a variety of ways, including repairing their gut, improving their sleep, helping joint pain, and of course, improving their skin.

In your skin, collagen is found most prominently in the dermis layer of your skin. From here it works to strengthen your skin. Within your skin, it works with several other components, including elastin and glycosaminoglycans. 

Altogether, these elements keep the skin look smooth in youth, but as the collagen depletes, it leads to wrinkles. Various vitamins can also help to support these skin components. In particular, researchers have found that Vitamin C can help to support these elements. Bone broth is made from boiling the bones from high-quality meats with various vegetables and seasoning. 

It becomes infused with a variety of rich minerals and vitamins that are excellent for health. The cooking and preparation process also introduces a rich source of collagen, which can then help provide the body with some boosts to improve its own collagen-making process.

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This simple tonic has been made by people for generations to include an incredibly healthful addition in their daily diet. In fact, families around the world would have made a type of bone broth recipe on a regular basis. 

It was an immensely popular type of food until just the past few decades when people began to neglect the power of traditional foods. Recently, many have realized the importance of a healthy diet, and an increasing number of people have begun to take advantage of the power of bone broth once again.

How do collagen and bone broth help with aging skin?

Therefore, if we can find ways to support the body’s production of collagen, it can help to stall, or even reverse, this process of aging. Doctors and researchers have worked to learn more about how they can support the production of collagen in the body. 

They have found that there are a variety of ways to supplement collagen production, including regular consumption of bone broth. When people eat bone broth, they bring a rich supply of vitamins and minerals, including collagen, into their bodies. This incredible combination of minerals helps to support the body’s systems and empowers it to absorb the collagen as much as possible.

What is the difference between anti-aging lotions and collagen products?

As people try to figure out the solution to combating the signs of aging, a number of products have popped up on the market. Many people, therefore, want to know what makes collagen and bone broth better than all of these other solutions.

To begin, let’s remember that collagen works with the body’s natural processes. Your body already produces collagen, which helps to eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging. By using collagen as a supplement, therefore, you are not introducing any new chemicals into your body. 

Instead, you simply replenish that which your body already has. Since collagen and bone broth offer a natural supplement that already occurs in your body, you also have the added benefit of helping other systems in your body as you replenish your skin. 

Your hair, nails, and your muscles will also become healthier with the addition of collagen. Even your digestion, sleep, and joint pain can see improvement. Adding bone broth and collagen to your diet can cause an overall improvement of health, an improvement that will be reflected in your skin.

Bone broth and oral collagen also help because they make it easy for the protein to penetrate deeply into your body. Research has examined the impact of collagen on women who took collagen supplements. The study found that those who had the collagen, versus the placebo, saw improved skin elasticity, collagen density, and even improved skin hydration. 

This helps the skin look and feel wonderful. On the other hand, many lotions struggle to penetrate the outermost layer of skin, known as the epidermis. This makes it hard for them to really get into the layers of skin that experience the aging that leads to wrinkles. 

This results in lotions that do not work nearly as effectively as collagen supplements. Those who want to learn how to really combat the problem of aging know that nothing compares to taking advantage of natural processes. Women around the world have sought answers to the problem of aging. 

They want to learn more about potential solutions that can help them minimize the appearance of wrinkles and thinning skin that occurs as the body begins to age. 

Researchers have found, however, that there are steps people can take to replenish their body’s natural production of collagen, slowing or even reversing the aging process. Bone broth, an ancient source of collagen, can be an excellent way to get started.

See how adding this mineral-rich solution to your diet can help give your face that natural, healthy glow.

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