Does Collagen Powder Really Work for the skin and joints?

Collagen has been hailed as the ultimate fountain of youth by many in the health, fitness and beauty industries. But are these claims justified and is it really the all singing, all dancing solution to younger skin, shinier hair, better muscle condition and healthier joints, that some claim? Well, yes and no.

Join us as we unravel the myths, look at the science and uncover the truths about ‘the glue’ of the human body. The wellness and science communities have yet to reach a unified conclusion on the benefits of supplementing with collagen powder, but there is a hugely persuasive amount of clinical data that shows wide reaching positive results.

Not to mention, our own Clean Living Company Organic Bone Broth (which is an excellent source of collagen) customers, reporting noticeable improvements in their hair growth and nail strength to name a few.

More on that later…

The first clue to understanding this hero protein, is in the name, which comes from the Greek – ‘kolla’ – meaning glue. This is because one of its many biological functions is to provide structural support to connective tissue.


Another good way to think about collagen is as a sort of scaffolding, giving our joints, skin and nails (to name a few) strength and structure. In fact some (of the 16 different) types of collagen have been found to be stronger than steel, gram for gram. Collagen is a form of protein that accounts for one-third of the body’s total protein content (so it’s kind of a big deal, even if it does say so itself).

For the most part, the human body can produce its own collagen and deploy it to the parts of body that need it.

So why would we need to add supplemented collagen to our nutritional in take? 

Well, here at Clean Living Company we always say; ‘food first,’ so make sure that you are including plenty of natural food sources such as leafy greens and whole food sources of vitamin C, to stimulate the body’s own production.

However, the fact is, the human body reduces its collagen production by 1-2% every year, after the age of 30. And factors such as sun exposure, lack of exercise, a high sugar diet and smoking can all put the breaks on collagen production even sooner.

We end up losing collagen at a faster rate that we can produce it – That’s where Clean Living Company Keto Collagen Powder can help.

The crucial element when supplementing with collagen is how it’s getting into your system. Think about a building that’s in need of some structural renovations. Imagine that the roof is bowing and might collapse, and the load baring interior walls are looking shaky.

This building needs some foundational improvements.

So as the owner of that building, are you going to hire the architect who plans to open a couple of ground floor windows and just throw some steel support beams into the front room and hope they somehow find their own way to penetrate the walls and stand up, or will you hire the guys who are going to look at the spots where these supports need to be installed and secure them in place?

It’s a no brainer right?! And so it should be with the support we put inside our bodies.

Which is why The Clean Living Company Keto Collagen Powder is made of 100% organic grass fed, readily bioavailable collagen.

This means that our bodies can absorb and process the collagen really easily, and put it to work fast. The majority of collagen products in the market right now are synthesised and filled out, and will go straight through your system without ever being absorbed.

Once the amino acids in the collagen have been broken down and reabsorbed, they can enter the blood stream via the GI tract and be distributed according to the parts of the body that need it the most.

Surface creams containing collagen which claim to reduce wrinkles are unlikely to work, being that the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the dermis (the deep layer of skin below the surface) but collagen powder can benefit your skin by increasing the body’s own ability to keep skin hydrated, which in turn supports the skin’s own collagen and elastin. It will also encourage the skins own collagen synthesis.

We hear all the time from members of the Clean Living Company community, that they have witnessed brighter a less dry skin, as well as stronger hair, with improved growth of both hair and nails, as a result of taking our Bone Broth which is naturally rich in collagen, or our collagen powder.

Studies have also shown that hydrolyzed collagen supplementation increased muscle strength and improved body composition. In fact, according to some "Collagen can also increase lean muscle and help improve body composition better than other proteins.” This actually means that collagen supplementation is a smarter way to build lean muscle than the often used whey, soy or pea proteins out there.

Surgeons in the fields of plastics, orthopaedics and even cardiovascular use collagen to build new skin, new bone, new cartilage and even new heart valves.

There is no question that this super-protein is key to the health so many functions of the human body, and the best way to avoid having to put more in surgically, is to keep the supply flowing from within!

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And stay tuned for more collagen facts…

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