The Beauty of Marine Collagen

How do you feel in your skin right now? Radiant, confident, healthy? If you said, “heck no, none of the above” we get it, 2020 can do that to anyone. 

There is good news though! We have a solution to help you regain your glow. Maintaining a youthful appearance is simple with the beautiful benefits of marine collagen. Let’s get right into it!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein in your body. Right now, wherever you’re reading this, you are literally being held together by it. And it shows! That’s because your collagen levels are visible, and good reserves make for lusciously shiny hair, healthy nails, stronger muscles and glowing youthful skin.

The main benefits of collagen include:

  • Providing structure to the hair, skin, bone, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth
  • Optimizing gut and digestive health
  • The ability to improve IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and acid reflux

But unfortunately, while the body is capable of achieving amazing feats like triathlons, 8 angle yoga poses or even just getting out of bed on a Monday; there is an aspect of it that starts to slow down, and that's because from around 20 years of age our natural collagen levels start to diminish. Because of this, we must nourish our systems with the right foods and natural products to make up for increasing deficiencies over time.

Choosing Your Collagen

Deciding on new essentials can be overwhelming with all the options out there. For those looking to navigate the confusing world of collagen, it is helpful to know that there are 3 different collagen types typically found in supplements:

  • Types I and III together is Bovine Collagen, which is the most prevalent in the body and excellent for gut health. If gut health is your primary concern, check out our Keto Collagen Powder100% Pure Collagen Powder, and Organic Bone Broth.
  • Type I is Marine Collagen, originating from fish. Marine collagen nourishes hair, skin and nails, yielding the quickest, most visible aesthetic results due to its high bioavailability.
  • Type II is Poultry Collagen, which is great for cartilage and joint support and best consumed through bone broth.

Why Marine Collagen?

We’re here to help you choose the right supplement for your own specific needs. If your aim is to gain that special healthy glow that can only come from the inside out, a scoop of our hydrolysed 100% Pure Marine Collagen Powder in your daily routine will do you wonders.

That’s because Marine Collagen powder is made of Collagen Type I. Now, Type I makes up 75-90% of the collagen found in your skin, hair and nails - making it the single most abundant collagen in the body. It is also the easiest to absorb due to its size and structure.

Marine Collagen’s many non-invasive aesthetic benefits prove that nature is the best resource to help your body present itself at its full potential for longer. To understand how this works, let’s look at how marine collagen powder is made.

The powder has humble beginnings. First, fish skins are thoroughly washed - this method allows the final product to be more bioavailable than other brands who just use fish scales. Next, the skin undergoes a process of hydrolysation, where the collagen proteins derived from the skins are broken down into smaller chains of amino acids called peptides.

This particular set of amino acids are the building blocks for vibrant hair, glowing skin and accelerated nail growth.

So if it’s gorgeous skin, hair, nails and teeth you’re after, then The Clean Living Company’s Marine Collagen is right up your alley. It’s a highly potent concentration of type I collagen best for beauty resilience- promoting shiny long hair, skin elasticity and better nail condition. You’ll slow the onset of notorious ageing indicators like wrinkles, and see exciting results fast.

Let’s look at the scientific backing for each of these claims.

Skin Benefits

The Skin Pharmacology and Physiology journal details a study between two groups of women. One group took collagen supplements over a period of 8 weeks, while a second group took placebos. After the 8 weeks, those who received the supplement had higher elasticity and moisture levels in their skin. 

Summary of skin benefits:

  • Boosts skin hydration
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Diminishes skin wrinkles 
  • Prevents collagen breakdown 

Nail Benefits

In a study focusing on how collagen supplements affect nails, 25 people took supplements for over 24 weeks. The results showed that nail growth rate increased by 12%, and the frequency of cracked or chipped nails almost halved! 

Majority of participants found that:

  • Lasting improved strength for 4 weeks after the study
  • Improved nail appearance thereafter

Hair Benefits

There is limited research available on collagen’s effects on human hair, however, the amino acids found in marine collagen are exactly the same as what the body uses to make keratin. This is particularly great news if your best friend is a heat-styling tool! 

Because of this keratin boost, there are many advantages to your hair that experts do agree on. Here are the evidence-backed benefits: 

  • Supports a healthy scalp
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Protects from breakage
  • Improves hair texture

How to Use Marine Collagen

Our 100% Pure Marine Collagen comes in an unflavoured powder form that allows you to use it as a food supplement at any time of the day. Mix into water, tea, coffee, smoothies, shakes, broth, soup... the possibilities are endless! 

The Marine Collagen peptides are light enough to be absorbed very quickly once ingested so that they can get straight to work. While overall wellness never happens overnight, when consumed regularly you can see and feel the difference Marine collagen can make more quickly than other collagen types due to its bioavailabilty. Just one daily scoop in your regular routine and you'll notice a difference in no time. 

Radiate From the Inside-Out

We at the Clean Living Company believe that what you put in, you get out - and that’s why our 100% Pure Marine Collagen Powder contains just one clean, simple ingredient: 100% Hydrolysed Type I Marine Collagen. The high-quality compound is Non-GMO and free of any fillers or unwholesome additives. It's FMCHC approved and BPA-free. 

A consistent approach to nurturing your body is the most sustainable, natural way to visually radiate health. While it's important to recognize that no one supplement can act as a cure-all for ageing, we take pride in having formulated a supplement that reliably provides incredible results and can easily be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle.  

So, 2020 doesn’t have to be bad for everything. Let it be the year where you give Marine Collagen a try, and see the benefits for yourself!

Remember to share your results with us via  Instagram and Facebookwe can’t wait to see what Marine Collagen does for you. 

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