Fueling Your Body and Mind with MCT Oil Powder

If you've been paying attention, you've probably heard some of the hype around MCT oil. A nutritional supplement derived from coconuts that's often associated with the keto diet and bulletproof coffee, MCT's are said to optimise multiple aspects of our health.

We're here with the full breakdown on why everyone is (coco)NUTS for MCT oil!

What is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil is a nutritional supplement that consists of naturally occurring fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), which are chains of fatty acids necessary to giving your body energy and supporting cell growth. MCT’s are found naturally in coconut oil and other tropical oils, and contain the type of fats that your body can burn as fuel.

Over the years, some of the hype generated around MCT Oil can be accredited to the growing popularity of the Keto diet, as it digests rather quickly, making it an attractive option for those trying to get their energy from fats. 

Because our bodies absorb MCTs quite rapidly, this supplement has been dubbed a super fuel proven to show benefits in a number of aspects in our health including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Gut Health
  • Cognitive and Physical energy
  • Healthier Sleep Cycles
  • Heart Health

Promotes Weight Loss

Coconut oil and MCT oil are types of saturated fats. And contrary to popular belief, saturated fats can be good for you. Yes, we said It - fats aren’t always bad! In fact, they can actually help you lose weight. One newer study suggests that “a variety of saturated fatty acids may provide distinct benefits to various metabolic processes and overall health.” It can also curve your appetite by releasing the two hormones that keep you feeling full in between meals, Peptide YY and Leptin. 

That said, there’s certainly a difference between healthy saturated fats such as MCT’s and fats prevalent in processed and fast foods. These fats are mostly LCT’s (Long Chain Triglycerides), which require more out of your body to be digested and used as fuel and are more commonly stored as excess fat. 

In contrast, MCT’s are the easiest type of fatty acid your body can burn as calories. They are rapidly absorbed directly into your liver and used as a source of fuel, rather than being stored as excess fat. This is why MCT oil is really great for the keto diet, as MCT’s can be metabolized into ketones, providing a quick source of energy.  

Long story short, MCT’s help boost your metabolism and regulate your appetite, which helps you burn fat while keeps you feeling fuller longer in between meals.

Supports Gut Health

As always, it’s important to remember that the base of all wellness lies in your gut, and gut health is a huge factor in weight loss. MCT oil can also aid weight loss by optimizing the growth of good bacteria in the gut and supporting healthy gut lining.

In addition, MCT’s can help keep your gut healthy by aiding proper digestion. This is because such dietary fats stimulate digestion and promote movement in the digestive tract. It’s important to note that taking too much MCT oil can promote more movement than what might be preferred, so always pay attention to label instructions and don’t go over the recommended daily serving. 

Measuring out the appropriate dose of MCT’s can be rather tricky in the popular oil form, but with Clean Living's MCT Oil Powder all you need is one scoop a day, and it’s as simple as that. If you have any questions about proper dosage, you can connect with our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

Energy for the Body and Mind

MCT oil is often dubbed a super fuel not only for the body, but for the brain as well. This is because the shorter chains MCT’s are comprised of don’t require pancreatic enzymes or bile to break down like longer-chain fats do, and instead travel straight to the gut and liver, and therefore support natural energy levels. 

This is why MCT oil is so commonly added to morning coffee or tea. Aside from the fact that it’s the perfect vegan-friendly dairy alternative, it allows caffeine release to happen gradually, resulting in a longer-lasting energy boost. Taking it regularly can prevent that mid-day crash that keeps you feeling the need to drink coffee to make it through the day.

Furthermore, MCT's can even be used as a source of pre-workout energy for athletes. One study shows that taking MCT’s before an intensive workout can improve athletic performance by reducing cardiac workload while exerting the same amount of energy, concluding that “MCT’s may expand the usable energy supply.”

Healthier Sleep Cycle

Not only can MCT’s help provide natural energy to your body and mind, but they can also help regulate sleep patterns as well. Taking MCT in the evening has been shown to regulate glucose levels and prevent insulin spikes in the body, which can often hold us back from winding down before bedtime. 

Huge plus: It can also help you burn more fat in your sleep!

Heart Health 

It’s no secret that heart disease is a rapidly growing problem that affects millions of people worldwide. A few factors that attribute to this are poor diet and low exercise which result in high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, etc. The good news here is that when MCT’s are burning fat and supporting weight loss, they can, in turn, help reduce these risks. 

However, as with any supplement, it’s important to note that the benefits listed above won’t be achieved by consuming MCT oil alone. Health and wellness is a process and a lifestyle that requires mindfulness and dedication around what we’re putting into our bodies - no single product can serve as a cure for any disease or ailment. To lay the base of wellness, we must start on the inside.

Why Clean Living Company?

At the Clean Living Company, we believe in natural ingredients and transparency through science-back methodologies and a functional medicine approach to wellness. Your health at the forefront of everything we do, as we believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.

We've created our UK manufactured MCT Oil Powder as a convenient and mess-free way to get MCT's into your diet. Our MCT Oil Powder easily dissolves into any hot or cold beverage (coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes - you name it!), and its creamy finish makes it the perfect alternative to dairy products. 

Just one scoop a day is all you need to reap the multitude of benefits of our non-GMO and vegan-friendly MCT Oil Powder.

Pro tip: Customers love adding our MCT coconut oil supplement to our Collagen Powders for an added boost. It also pairs perfectly with our Bone Broth to provide an additional source of good fat to our already highly nutritious organic broths.

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