Reset Your Body Now – 21 Days To a Healthier, Happier You

Just like a well-oiled automobile, our health and wellbeing are essentially a direct result of the way we maintain and service our bodies and the quality of the fuel we put into them. The gut, rather like a vehicle’s engine, is the driving force, and the way we treat and care for it is critical in determining the length and value of our journey.

So, when was the last time you really listened to your gut and fine-tuned your ride? When did you last consider what you eat and the food choices you make? The truth is that in an ‘always-on’ world, we often make nutritional decisions on autopilot and with little thought about their impact on the quality of our lives. Conversely, the one thing that unites almost all of us is that we want to be happier, healthier and live longer. So, what better place to start than with the Bone Broth Diet and a 21-day reset?

The Benefits

Many ailments and conditions are caused or worsened by a sluggish and overloaded system. This is where the adage ‘you get out what you put in’ really comes into play. Processed and genetically modified foods plus diets high in sugar and convenience foods can cause serious havoc with the systems of the human body. This leads to inefficient functioning, hormonal imbalance, skin conditions, food intolerances, and energy depletion. The list of ailments and conditions that ensue is endless, including weight gain, depression, premature ageing, insomnia, allergies, inflammation and skin complaints.

Think of the 21-day reset as a gift to yourself and your body. It is a well-documented and proven regime that restabilises your body and mind, delivering genuinely transformational results. Indeed, many advocates hail it as life-changing – and all in 21 short days. It seems a small price to pay for a vastly improved quality of living and optimum health, doesn’t it?

Case studies support a multitude of core benefits from the Bone Broth Diet, including:
  • Reduced inflammation – the precursor for almost every modern-day disease
  • Balanced blood sugar – key to regulating normal brain function, maintaining mood and keeping energy levels stable
  • A healthy gut – the majority of the cells that make up our immune system are found in the stomach, so its function goes above and beyond just digestion. Our diet is one of the biggest influences on gut health, so you start to get the picture.

By focusing on the benefits above, it’s entirely possible to lose weight, fight the ageing process, minimise wrinkles, improve ailments and fight disease. It’s not just a remedial course of action. It can be a crucial preventative aid in our health and wellness toolbox too.

Ready to start looking and feeling better than ever?

Where and How Do I Start?

There are two simple answers to this. To truly cleanse and recalibrate your body, you need to eat nothing with a barcode for 21 days. That’s the first part. To achieve this, you must start with a positive mindset and a can-do approach. That’s the second part.

Armed with these two goals, you’re ready to embark on the 21-day reset and discover the secret to authentic living and optimum health. Nothing else you do in terms of eating will have a more powerful effect on your body. That in itself should be the impetus to spur you on.

Why 21 Days?

Lasting results rarely come from fads and short term behaviour, and quick fixes are typically never rooted in scientific research and evidence-based studies. It’s the reason people yo-yo diet for years and find it impossible to find and foster long term solutions. Twenty-one days is simply the optimum length of time for your body to detoxify and create a robust cellular system poised for healing and transformation. It’s the time your intestinal tract needs to generate new and healthy cells. Twenty-one days is also scientifically the time it takes to form and develop new habits and awareness.

The only way to cleanse your body of inflammation is to commit to 21 consecutive days, so it’s vital to plan ahead and ensure that you remove as many temptations and hurdles at the beginning. We recommend consulting your diary and choosing a timeframe with as few obstacles to success as you can. Where possible, you should avoid embarking on your reset journey if you have a holiday planned, a momentous family or birthday celebration or when you might be travelling for work. Just as with anything in life, the more preparation you put in upfront, the better the chances of smashing your goal.

Real Food, Real Results

Once you’ve committed to the task at hand, the rest is about prep, resolve and good discipline. Visualise what you want to achieve and document it in a journal. It can also help to display your goals somewhere prominent – the kitchen is an excellent place to start as it’s primarily where you will be honing your new approach and attitude to nutrition and food.

When you sign up for the 21-day challenge, we’ll help you get your store cupboards in order. We’ll break down the core food groups and types you’ll need to succeed and outline the foods and beverages you’ll need to omit altogether. We’ll also provide guidance on pitfalls to avoid, a list of no-prep, grab-and-go- snack ideas, recipes and a ready reckoner to help you read and understand food labels, as well as how to sidestep the sneaky names for ‘no-no’ foods.

Our nutritional blueprint is simply good, honest food. Think proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. It’s not extreme or over-prescriptive, and as long as you stick to the baseline principles, you can adapt to your personal preferences. We’ll show you how to supplement your meal plan with the potent elixir that is bone broth – an easy-to-drink nutrient-rich formulation rich in amino acids, proteins, minerals and collagen.

What Next?

After successful completion of the 21-day reset, you’ll be ready to enter the reintroduction stage. This involves establishing any food sensitivities and allergies by journaling reactions to each food group. Many people resort to blood tests in a bid to get an immediate answer to allergies and food sensitivities, but blood work can be inconclusive and inaccurate. Elimination is considered the gold standard for food sensitivity testing, and it pays to put the effort in to get a comprehensive understanding of what foods work for you and those that don’t!

Again, journaling plays a crucial role here. We encourage you to document everything you put in your mouth (and when), particularly if you are grazing between meals. This is the only way to identify discernible patterns that help lead you to an understanding of habits, actions and effects. It’s an empowering process and will really make you take ownership and accountability for your food choices.

The Reason To Believe

There is an abundance of research and a wealth of medical papers to support the merits of resetting your gut, as well as the benefits of The Bone Broth Diet. While that alone should be encouraging, there is no substitute for real-life case studies of those who have trodden the path and experienced for themselves the power of the 21-day reset.

Take 33-year-old Maree from Australia. She sustained a knee injury that plagued her for nine months. She was prescribed steroid injections and tablets by an orthopaedic consultant, but after several months she felt sicker than before and developed the auto-immune skin condition psoriasis. Left discouraged and demoralised, Maree decided to research alternative ways to address her plight. She discovered the Clean Living Company and decided to embark on the Bone Broth journey. Maree had spent the last three years as a pescatarian and vegetarian, so a Bone Broth diet was, at first, unfathomable. Understandably, with some intrepidation, she started to drink her beef broth and by day 11 noticed a discernible difference in her skin. By day 13, her mind was much clearer, and by day 14, she was astonished by the results. You can see for yourself how she was feeling by day 21 in her video testimonial.

Ready to get started?

If you’re still with us and know that there is no time like the present to start living your best life, congratulations.! You’re already on the road to better choices and a healthier lifestyle. It’s empowering to know that in just three weeks, you’ll see the benefits to your skin, hair, and nails. You’ll feel the benefits to your energy, joints and gut, and you’ll be some way down the road to a happier, healthier, more uplifted you!

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