The Drive To Succeed Podcast. Benefits of Bone Broth and ways to improve gut health

Recently, our very own Dean Henry, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Co-Founder of the Clean Living Company had an opportunity to sit down with Danielle Francisco at The Drive to Succeed Podcast to discuss the benefits of bone broth and ways to improve gut health.

Kicking off the conversation, Dean shared a bit of insight into his health-based lifestyle and past experiences that have inspired his shift into functional medicine.

Going back years ago, Dean explained his experience recovering from a frightening injury that ended his sports career abruptly and began to shift his perspective of the meaning of health and wellness. But, it wasn’t until Dean became a father and his oldest daughter developed a severe nut allergy that lead him to fully commit to a Clean Living lifestyle and become certified in functional medicine.

Since, Dean has co-founded The Clean Living Company , which prioritises helping customers achieve overall wellness through a functional medicine approach. His success in helping people improve their skin, chronic anxiety, insomnia and weight loss all comes down to managing gut health -- all through natural methods.

As Dean says, “It’s impossible to talk about gut health without talking about bone broth.”

Research shows that a clean organic bone broth  includes 18 amino acids known for improving the gut, which comes with an array of other benefits such as reducing inflammation, anti-ageing, supplying collagen, and improving hair, skin and nails.

Listen to the full podcast episode of The Drive to Succeed Podcast here to learn more about:

  • The importance of gut health
  • Managing your childrens gut health
  • How to maintain and nourish your gut for the long term
  • The science and benefits of bone broth

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