Vegan Broth - 500 ml (minimum 2 pouches, 48 hour delivery)

AED 40

A powerful mineral-rich liquid that carries the essence of vitally nutritious vegetables, herbs and spices in a way that is easy for the body to digest, assimilate and utilize. You’ll find our vegan broth as comforting as it is nourishing, providing tremendous healing benefits to both the body and soul.

Carrots help to lower blood pressure, reduce edema, relax muscles, steady nerves and balance cognitive function. Onions and garlic have powerful antiviral and antibiotic properties and can help eliminate heavy metals and parasites from the body.

Parsley and shiitake mushrooms contain an excellent bioavailable form of iron which helps to keep your blood strong and prevent anemia. These ingredients are also rich in zinc which is highly beneficial for treating viral issues and strengthening the immune system.

Ginger and turmeric root help reduce inflammation and improve liver function while aiding to keep your hair growing strong and skin healthy and vibrant.

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