A Strong Immune System Is By Far The Best Protection Against Viruses

At least 70% of your immune system is in your gut.

The best way to avoid a virus or sickness of any type is to make sure you have a strong immune system. So we need to look after our gut health as more than 70% of our immune system is houses in out gut wall.

bone broyth and immune system

As always lifestyle plays a big part healthy diet, exercise and manage stress, however did you know one of the best ways to strengthen and repair your gut is by consuming bone broth.

Let's look at the key amino acids from the bone broth profile to explain why:

Glutamine and Proline, both of these amino acids combined are well documented for their aesthetic benefits for skin, hair, nails, and muscle.

The huge benefit people seem to discuss less these days and the main reason why integrative doctors and functional medicine coaches have their clients consume bone broth on a regular basis, and even more so if they are fighting a disease if for gut health.

Proline, also found in collagen can help strengthen the tissues that line the GI tract, which is beneficial for nutrient absorption and preventing autoimmune responses, in turn creating immune protection and defense.

Glutamine is the number 1 amino acid for repairing intestinal permeability aka leaky gut which millions of people are suffering from and don’t know it, a leaky gut exposes you to toxins, glutamine literally helps repair the lining around your which will, of course, protect and strengthen your immune system.

Bone broth for your health

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