What Makes Collagen Keto Powder Different?

 If you’re having trouble navigating the cluttered world of Collagen, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

While it’s a well-known fact that adding collagen to your diet can provide a number of health benefits around gut and digestions, mobility, aesthetics, and so on, it can be rather difficult to understand what sets the really great collagen powders apart from the not-so-great ones out there. That’s why we’re here set the record straight about one of our customer-favourite products, Collagen Keto Powder. 

You might be wondering, "What the heck is Collagen Keto Powder? What makes it different than all the other collagen powders out there?" We’re so glad you asked!


Transparency is an extremely important factor to consider when deciding on a collagen powder, and this is an issue we’ve been seeing quite frequently in the world of collagen. 

We get it, there are a million different products, brands, blogs, and influencers out there trying to tell you their collagen powder is the best. Nowadays, the internet is so cluttered with information that deciding what's accurate can be more overwhelming than informative. And in the midst of information-overload, sometimes we end up with products and brands that care more about making a sale than they do about their customers. 

All-natural Collagen for your health

What we’re seeing more and more is companies putting out misinformation in the attempt to market products that aren’t effective just to make a dime. This can be seen in the ever so popular fad of topical collagen products. If you’re in tune with the skincare industry, there’s no doubt you’ve seen someone using a collagen cream, lotion, serum, etc. to maintain a youthful appearance. But the kicker here is, there is no scientific evidence proving that topical collagen can stimulate collagen synthesis or growth. This is because collagen in this form has molecular weights that are too heavy to permeate the top layer of the skin, making it unable to provide any benefits aside from a moisturizing effect.

Another deceptive trend we’re seeing is companies combining collagen Types I, II, and III together in one powder and marketing it as one supreme product. While it may seem like you're getting a better deal, mixing all three of these together affects the absorption of type 2, meaning you'll be missing out on those benefits. You should never buy a product that consists of Types I, II and III together.

If you’re looking for Type II collagen, which is great for cartilage growth and the eyes by supporting the growth of tissue behind the lens, then our free-range Organic Chicken Bone Broth should be your first choice. 

At the Clean Living Company, we operate with your health and best interest at the forefront of everything we do, and that’s the first thing that makes our Keto Collagen Powder different than others on the market. You’ll never see us putting out any deceptive or misleading information around our products or the potential of impact they can have on your health. 

To learn more about navigating the cluttered world of collagen, check out our blog Facts v. Fads: The Best Source of Collagen.


Because wellness starts from within, it’s extremely important to be mindful of what we’re putting into our bodies. Our Collagen Keto Powder contains just two clean, simple ingredients – 100% Hydrolysed Type I & III Bovine Collagen and MCT extracted from coconut. This high-quality compound is Non-GMO and free of any fillers or unwholesome additives. It's FMCHC approved, Halal-certified and BPA-free.

Collagen Types I and III mixed together is bovine collagen, which is by far the most prevalent, type of collagen naturally found in the body. Bovine collagen is excellent for resetting gut and digestive health, and as we always preach, gut health is the base of all wellness. 

It’s important to note that while we don’t recommend mixing Types I, II, and III together, having Types I and III together is perfectly normal, as that ‘s how it's found in nature. 

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are chains of fatty acids necessary in giving your body energy and supporting cell growth. MCTs are found naturally in coconut oil and other tropical oils, and contain the type of fats that your body can burn as fuel. Often associated with the rising popularity of the keto diet, MCTs digest rather quickly, making it an attractive option for those trying to get their energy from fats. 

The MCT element of our Collagen Keto Powder is really what sets this product apart. It enhances the benefits of collagen while providing direct energy by increasing your body’s own ketones. The combination of collagen and MCTs mean that protein is used for recovery and building muscle, rather than being misused when converted to glucose in your body. What a power combo!

Chocolate Avocado Protein Truffles Recipe - Instagram



Although bone broth is the most natural source of collagen, we realize not everyone is operating under the same circumstances. Whether you have different dietary preferences, a schedule that doesn't allow a lot of time for cooking, or maybe you have a few picky eaters at home - we created our Collagen Keto Powder as a versatile solution to these problems.

Collagen Keto Powder is extremely easy to use! It comes in the option of delicious Chocolate or Unflavoured, and easily dissolves into ay beverage - hot or cold! Add it to your coffee, tea, smoothies and even protein shakes before a pre-workout boost before you hit the gym. We love it in our morning coffee, as the MCT’s help the caffeine release slowly resulting in longer-lasting energy, and fewer cups to get you through the day!

You even use Keto Collagen Powder to make fun recipes your kids will LOVE! Try out these Chocolate Avocado Protein Truffles for a simple and delicious treat and a great source of protein and good fats. 

Why Collagen Keto Powder?

When you add Keto Collagen Powder to your regular diet, you're helping your body boost the natural protein levels that decrease over time. Adding Collagen Keto Powder to your routine can provide...

  • A rich amino acid profile, supporting gut and digestive health
  • Support for a strong immune system 
  • Structure to skin, preventing the loss of skin elasticity, preventing the appearance of wrinkles 
  • Structure to bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth
  • 4.5g of MCTs per serving, which metabolizes into ketones, providing energy quickly to the body

For extra quick results, try mixing Collagen Keto Powder with our Organic Bone Broths

Our number one goal at the Clean Living Company is to provide you and your families with not only with great products, but reliable information to help you look and feel your absolute best. We don’t offer you anything that we, ourselves don’t take in our own regime. We ONLY put out products and crystal clear information backed by science, and provide 100% transparency around benefits and ingredients. 

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