Feeding Kids Can Be Hard! Tips Directly from a Dad

Happy Father’s Day! You asked, we listened, and now we’re back with answers! We’ve taken your questions around children and bone broth straight to our compassionate leader, proud father, and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Dean Henry. 

Deans Story

Years back, one of Deans daughters was diagnosed with an extremely severe nut allergy which sparked immediate curiosity, and thus began Deans journey into Functional Medicine. It was important for Dean, as a father, to understand why 1 out of 4 children develop such life-altering allergies and conditions. 

The answer, you might ask? gut health. Dean learned that if you focus on your gut, the rest will follow. And you can’t talk about gut health with talking about bone broth.

Deans knowledge and passion on the matter inspired the founding of The Clean Living Company. Now the leading health food company across the UAE, the CLC team is dedicated to optimizing the health of families across the world by supplying quality, natural products as well as insight and education.

Is Bone Broth Healthy For Kids?

As a parent, we would like to think we're giving our kids the building blocks they need to live a healthy lifestyle, but nobody is perfect, and this isn’t always the case. Think about what your children’s diets consist of- the food they’re given at school, the chocolates and candy, the fast food, and so on. When you try and compare these foods to the quality of Organic Bone Broth, a nutrient-rich product derived from nature, there’s really no comparison, and frankly, there’s nothing better. 

Bone Broth can benefit your kids by...

  • Providing a rich source of collagen and gelatin which contain amino acids and help to maintain healthy digestion and support the lining of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Managing irritation and inflammation, preventing disease
  • Supporting healthy joints and tendons
  • Expelling regularly ingested toxins
  • Fostering healthy energy levels and sleep patterns

Is it Hard to Incorporate Bone Broth into Your Kids Diet?

Given her condition, figuring out a way to get bone broth into his daughter’s diet as early on as possible was essential to Dean. We all know how picky kids can be, so sometimes getting the kids to consume the broth can be more challenging than others.

If possible, start them on the broth at a young age, and oftentimes they will grow to enjoy it. In fact, Dean and his wife started their youngest daughter on bone broth when she was just 6 months old! Now she loves it.

But, if your child doesn’t enjoy the taste of the broth on its own, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, you can trick them! Bone Broth serves as the base for a ton of delicious and kid-friendly recipes such as soups, rice dishes, casseroles and so on. 

Another option for our real picky eaters out there- substitute Bone Broth for Collagen Keto Powder. (coming soon to the UAE). Our Collagen Powders are made with hydrolyzed collagen peptides sourced from 100% organic grass-fed cows and provide the same benefits of Bone Broth in a more versatile form. Available in chocolate or flavourless powder, it can be easily disguised and mixed into any type of beverage, and even a number of snack recipes!  

From parent to parent...

Do everything you can to get your child to consume bone broth. Even if your children are born healthy without any pre-existing conditions, bone broth is essential in fostering a healthy gut, and the basis of a healthy lifestyle. 

Nobody’s perfect, and nobody has the perfect diet, and it’s important that we, as parents, instil this mentality in our children, as this sort of stress can become consuming and have long term mental effects. Consciousness is key, and we can only do our best to keep our children aware of what a healthy diet consists of. 


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