Collagen Beauty Bundle: Marine Collagen (340g) and Pure Collagen (340g)

AED 335 AED 400

Our Collagen Beauty Bundle combines two key forms of collagen to give you glowing skin from the inside out. It includes Clean Living's Type I Marine Collagen to improve skin, hair and nail quality, along with our gut-healing Type I & III 100% Pure Collagen. Marine Collagen (Type I) and Pure Collagen (Type I & III) help to make up the natural collagen that your body lacks as you age. Collagen itself is a protein in the body that makes up 90% of our organic bone mass, 90% of connective tissue and 70% of skin. As we get older, collagen production declines and that's why skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear, joints stiffen, and bones weaken. Our Collagen Beauty Bundle is a unique blend of natural products that can help you look better and feel great.

  • Marine Collagen and Pure Collagen provide structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth
  • Amino acids in collagen can be crucial to digestive health
  • Increased collagen consumption is shown to significantly benefit IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and acid reflux

Marine Collagen: 100% Hydrolysed TYPE I.
Pure Collagen: 100% Bovine TYPE I & III Collagen Peptide.

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